Sunday, March 30, 2008


Hey, it's me. As many of you know, I'm into making models out of paper, or papercraft. Well, I recently found about 50+ awesome new models on this one forum. I also have been making a few models of my own. So, instead of posting them on my other blog, The Blog, I decided to create a new blog dedicated solely to papercrafts. I will still be putting papercraft updates on my other blog as well, but they'll probably just be a picture and a link to the post on this blog.


This blog is going to be mainly for Nintendo papercrafts, but if I find something non-Nintendo that is really awesome, I'll put that here too. I will NOT post about every papercraft I find. There are plenty of blogs that already do that. This is only for papercraft that I really like and my own creations. Feel free to send me links to papercrafts, but I won't guarantee that I'll post about them. But I always enjoy finding new models, so give me the link if you think I'll like it.

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