Saturday, November 29, 2008

For realz!

Okay, I'm seriously going to start updating this blog.  I have a bit of free time, so I figured I had better do what I said Iwould do months ago.

Anyway, before I get into the official posts, I did want to make note of one thing:  I am now part of the staff at Nintendo Papercraft!  Yay!  Officially, my job is to be a Blogposter, a.k.a. someone who posts a craft when Drummyralf (the main owner) is away.  But, since that doesn't happen too often, I also am a Moderator on the forum!  So... yeah.  Basically, I'm supposed to help people out, make people follow the rules, etc.  It's pretty cool.

So... I guess that's it.  The main reason I wanted to get this blog started is because I've got a few projects that I'm working on, (really big projects,) but I wanted to have my old models posted here before I posted my new ones.

Oh yeah, one last thing:  I'll also be posting my tutorials here.  Most of them are about how to design your own models.  So keep an eye out.

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