Saturday, November 29, 2008

Impossible Triangle Illusion

Okay, here is the official post for the Impossible Triangle.  I posted the link a few posts ago, but I realized that I should probably have a more "official" post for it, with pictures and whatnot.  So here you go.  I'll just go ahead and copy that other post's pictures...

I'm sure most of you guys have seen the impossible triangle illusion, but have any of you seen it made into a papercraft?  Yeah, this is the first papercraft that I made by myself, and I think it turned out pretty well!  Of course, there are some small problems since it was my first model, but it's not that bad.

You can download it 

I may post an updated version some day... but I can't promise anything.

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mj said...

I actually have seen this in a papercraft before! There was a Japanese site that had a lot of them, but that site is dead now, but there's another site that has the papercrafts saved: